About us

hello friends,

My name is prince Sisodia the founder of infomodem.

I am a college student of art and humanity, I recently have done my bachelor’s degree from Delhi University. I am the youngest in my house, And my family has Mom, Dad, Three Sisters, and 1 Big Brother.

Why did I choose the tech niche?

Since childhood, I have been very interested in technology and I want to do something further in the technology itself, that’s why chose a niche site related to Tech.

About infomodem site

infomodem is a tech-friendly website where you can search and learn about the latest and upcoming technologies.

On our website, we daily publish useful articles on our site. in infomodem you can gain some topics of knowledge like windows, android, ios, software.

we avoid complicated words, you can understand very easily any article on our site. we provide 100% genuine true information. for more details please visit our site.